CryoNest expedites broad worldwide implementation of the evolving revolutionary potentially curative cell /gene therapies

CryoNest (Model -83CSD) is designed to ship precious small single therapeutic doses at -83⁰C from a production site to hospitals (e.g. oncolytic viruses like IMLYGIC, RIGVIR, or gene therapies like LUXTURNA).

CryoNest is not a dangerous good, it can be transported by road, train or plane. It is robust, reliable, simple to operate by anyone, everywhere.

In fact CryoNest can be dealt with like a standard parcel and fits perfectly both, current courier practice and hospital routine.

In contrary to dry ice or liquid nitrogen based solutions the cooling process is not based on evaporation. CryoNest can be hermetically closed and sealed as it does not release (potentially hazardous) gasses. All the special precautions needed for dry ice or liquid nitrogen based shipments do not apply: CryoNest's cooling time is independent of orientation and the product temperature does neither fluctuate during transport nor is it depending on remaining coolant.

Simply put CryoNest keeps the product perfectly stable at the -83⁰C without any "IFs and BUTs"!

Dry ice or liquid nitrogen based shipments reach ambient temperatures within 12 hours post exhaustion of coolant allowing very little time to react. In contrary CryoNest only slowly increases in temperature allowing 48-72 hours time window before temperature passes -20⁰C.

Even if unexpected holdups lead to exhaustion you have SEVERAL DAYS to react!



CryoNest is covered by granted patents in USA, China, Japan, Germany, France, and the UK.

CryoNest fitting into daily clinical routine matters greatly!

“You may be able to cure cancer but if you do not fit the daily clinical routine the implementation of the treatment will be a serious challenge!" (Prof. Dr. M. Perales, MSKCC, New York, USA)


CryoNest's orientation independent performance matters greatly!

"A liquid nitrogen based dry shipper on its side can lose as much as 60% of its hold time in a few hours. Transported upside down for even a few hours it can go from days to hours of of hold time." (ThermoFisher)
"You may stick as many "this side up" stickers as you like on your liquid nitrogen based dry shipper but there is no such thing as a white collar courier." (ThermoFisher)




No dangerous good

=> Can be handled by anyone anywhere

Unique safety margin post exhaustion

=> in the unlikely case cooling capacity at -83⁰C plateau is exhausted there is a 48-72 hour time window before temperature passes -20⁰C (conventional systems reach ambient temperatures post exhaustion within 12 hours)

Control of custody, location and performance

=> real time global location tracking on internet, online control of custody and performance through 2-Way communication



No gas release

=> can be shipped without special precautions to all locations within the current standard courier infrastructure


=> no product deterioration due to carbon dioxide infiltration  

Hermetically sealed

=> tamper proof, ability of prearranged international custom procedures 

Stable temperature plateau @-83⁰C

=> no temperature fluctuations during transport as remaining coolant has no influence

Orientation independent performance

=> fits carriers’ rough real life transportation practice, no loss of cooling capacity due to orientation or during air transport compression/ decompression.