CryoNest is a simple and robust solution to ship precious modern medicines or biological samples @-80°C without dry ice or liquid nitrogen

Not a "Dangerous Good"

=> No CO2 or N2 gas release


Orientation independent

=> fits the current standard courier infrastructure on road and plane

=> no need to be kept upright

=> closed tamperproof system (e.g. pre custom check)

=> no product deterioration due to CO2 infiltration

Autarc system

=> Once conditioned CryoNest will hold its temperature independend of external power for many days

CryoNest's orientation independent performance matters greatly!

"A liquid nitrogen based dry shipper on its side can lose as much as 60% of its hold time in a few hours. Transported upside down for even a few hours it can go from days to hours of of hold time." (ThermoFisher)
"You may stick as many "this side up" stickers as you like on your liquid nitrogen based dry shipper but there is no such thing as a white collar courier." (ThermoFisher)



Stable temperature plateau @-80⁰C

=> no temperature fluctuations during transport as temperature level is independent of cooling capacity

Control of custody, location and performance

=> optional real time global location tracking on internet, online control of custody and performance through 2-Way communication

CryoNest fitting into daily clinical routine matters greatly!

“You may be able to cure patients but if it does not fit the daily clinical routine implementation will be a serious challenge!" (Prof. Dr. M. Perales, MSKCC, New York, USA)


CryoNest is covered by granted patents in USA, China, Japan, Germany, France, and the UK.